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I entered this profession full time after 25 years of teaching public school. In addition to other subjects, I taught art; including printmaking, painting, sculpture, and drawing and design. I have also done commissioned art work; including portraits, landscapes, and interior design. 

I have worked in a large variety of media. My interest in art and design is what first attracted me to this business. My technical skill and creativity help me to provide a look my clients truly enjoy. My mission is to enhance the personal beauty and style of each of my clients. I stand behind the high quality of my work and strive to achieve the best possible look for each individual.

I first trained in permanent cosmetic applications and procedures in Florida in 2002 and have been practicing since that time. Oregon has the highest standards for cosmetic tattooing in the US. In addition to the 435 hrs. I took in Florida and Oregon to receive my state license, I have taken advanced continuing education classes with Mary Jane Haake in Portland, Dr. Linda Dixon in Hawaii, Kate Ciampi in San Jose, CA, and the SPCP in Toronto, CN., Albuquerque, NM, and Houston, TX. I continue to take continuing education classes.
My practice is located in Portland. OR. Consultations are always free of charge and I am open by appointment.

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Ellie is more than just a makeup artist!  Check out some of her pastel portraits on her Flickr page.

Classic Permanent Makeup will be offering classes in San Diego In August.
Portland, OR  1219 SW 18th St., Portland, OR 97205    tel:  971-227-4396
Ellie Frost, MA, LPCT, CPCP