Eyebrows including: shading and hair strokes - $400

Lip enhancement including: lip liner shaded into the lips or full lip color - $450

Eyeliner to fit your style and features (light, full, or lash enhancement) - $425

Scar camouflage/re-pigmentation    Request Consultation

Correction of misplaced or mis-colored procedures by other technicians     Request Consultation

Areola coloring and design              Request Consultation

Tattoo removal

Request Consultation

Eyeliner + Brows: $725

Eyeliner + Lips: $750

All three procedures: $900

Wake Up Beautiful

"I absolutely LOVE my permanent make-up. It's something I'm so truly glad I've done. My face never looks "washed out" in the morning, and when doing any sporting activity where I don't want to wear make-up, I still look fresh. I truly recommend anyone to have this done. Ellie is very talented and is an artist in her field. She really makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s truly worth doing!"

-Becky Day

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Get ready for summer swimming, boating, hiking, camping, biking, etc. with permanent makeup!
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